First Baptist Church, Richmond KY
Saturday, December 07, 2019

Welcome to the Parents of Young Children Class
Thanks for your decision to attend this class. We will have a great time learning God’s word together within an environment that is supportive, encouraging, and relevant to your current status as a parent of a young child or children. What an awesome responsibility and privilege it is to raise children that love God, have deep and meaningful relationships with Jesus Christ, and apply biblical principles to every aspect of their lives. This class is intent on helping you with that process, which include two other vital areas: strengthening your marriage and family life, and growing in your walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Below is some important information about this class. Please take a few minutes to review it. Do not hesitate to ask questions and offer feedback to the key contacts listed below.

Description: This Sunday School class is specifically intended for parents that have a young child or children from newborn through grade school years. The age of the parents is irrelevant. The key criterion is that they have a child or children in the defined age group. 

1)       To teach people God’s word
2)       To reach people for Christ and church membership / involvement
3)       To minister to people’s needs

Focus: Being a parent of young children is a challenging task in many different ways. This class would provide value to attendees by helping them successfully address these challenges by focusing on three key areas:
1)       Studying God’s word and its relevancy and application to everyday living.
2)       Connecting with other people who are in the same stage of life: spiritually, socially, and emotionally. 
3)       Providing a care and support group consisting of other parents of young children

Schedule: We will start promptly at 9:30 each Sunday morning in Fellowship Hall Room 311. Below is an outline of a typical class schedule:
A.       Announcements / Prayer Requests (10 Minutes)
B.       Bible Study (40 Minutes) 
C.       Fellowship (after class)

Care Group: Care groups have been formed to address the ministry needs and provide personal attention to each individual in the class. Each class attendee will be assigned to a Care Group, which will consist of about 16 individuals. Care Groups will meet on the first Sunday of each month, coinciding with a breakfast fellowship during the class. About once per quarter, the care group roster will be rotated to allow people to assimilate and establish relationship with as many people in the class as possible.

Curriculum: We will offer a balanced curriculum, rotating between a thorough study of God's word through the FaithWeaver program, and studies more focused on marriage, family, and parenting issues utilizing other materials. The following course schedule will be implemented each quarter: spring – parenting; summer – Old Testament; fall – marriage and family; and winter – New Testament. FaithWeaver is a bible study program that offers curriculum for all ages, from pre-school to adults.   The program is being utilized by First Baptist Church’s Children and Preschool Ministry. Therefore, our Bible studies will parallel to what our children are studying on the same Sunday. This will allow us as parents to have knowledge of what our children are learning in their class, and discuss these lessons in more detail at home. 

Key Contacts: 
·   Mike York (Teacher & Communications Coordinator) - 626-3038
·   TBA (Care Group Leaders)
·   Alan and Gretchen Ping (Ministries Coordinators) – 200-3373 or 200-4374