First Baptist Church, Richmond KY
Saturday, December 07, 2019
Privacy Policies
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First Baptist Church (FBC), Richmond, Kentucky recognizes that the internet is a strong tool that can enhance spiritual development, and created this website as a communications and information source.  Content contained within the First Baptist website is provided for your information.  The website does not take the place of church attendance or Christian fellowship.   
The site was created by the staff of First Baptist Church with assistance from the Public Relations Team.   The site is maintained by the Technology & Communications Mgr.

Privacy Policy 
For the safety and privacy of our members, First Baptist does not post confidential information on our website, including prayer request information. For information on members or specific prayer concerns, please call the church office at 859.623.4028859.623.4028.   
Any names, phone numbers and addresses of members or contacts, or photos of  children (under age 18) are published on the site only with expressed permission of the individual, family member or parent/ legal guardian.   

From time to time, as a courtesy, the FBC website will provide links to other sites of interest that are neither owned nor controlled by First Baptist. These sites are not bound by the FBC privacy policy and linking to them can result in other policies regarding collection of personal information. First Baptist is not responsible for any policies or information collected or any damages resulting from these links.