First Baptist Church, Richmond KY
Friday, July 03, 2020

  11:00 On-Campus ALIVE Classes                                                            
Family Ties (C, fall)
A friendly, caring class anchored by Biblical truths and the eternal love of God.
Teacher: Sylvia Powell; Room 217 (Choir Room)

Single Minded (C, summer & fall)

Adults studying God's Word to live by his plan, sharing our faith and love with our community.

Teacher: Carl Powell; Room 307 (Fellowship Hall)

Sojourners (C, fall) 

“Striving to be Christ followers as we sojourn through Bible Study and life together.” 

Teacher: Lynn Collins; Room 309 (Fellowship Hall)

J.O.Y. (C, winter) 

Jesus: We Study the Scriptures As the Word of Christ. Others: We Encourage One Another In the Fellowship of Christ. Yourself: We Serve Others In the Love of Christ.

Teacher: Bill Wright; Room 311 (Fellowship Hall)


Sisters (W, summer & fall)

Teacher: TBA; Room 313 (Fellowship Hall)

Bloom (Isaiah 27:6) (W, summer & fall)
We will explore how to continue to grow, mature and blossom in our life season.
Teacher: Terri Johnson; Room 201 (Staff Hallway)
Teacher: Sammae Schulz; Room 620 (Balcony)
  6:00 P.M. On-Campus ALIVE Classes

Surrendering to Win (C, spring to winter)

Seeking Recovery in Christ

Eddie Alexander; Room 201 (Conference Room)





    The Cobb Group (C, Spring)                     
                      Rachel Cobb; Room 411/413
  6:00 P.M. Tuesday On-Campus ALIVE Classes
Steps to Recovery (W)
Teacher: Sammae Schulz: Room 111&112 (Youth Area)
 C = Coed; M = Men; W = Women, S = Singles
 Spring = Ages 18-29; Summer = Ages 30-49; Fall = Ages 50-69; Winter = Ages 7- and up.