First Baptist Church, Richmond KY
Thursday, April 22, 2021

At First Baptist, our overall missions statement is represented by being ALIVE in the power of God!  Our ministry Expand God's Kingdom provides all of us an opportunity to be "on-mission".  It is our desire to help every member to reach their potential to be on-mission Christians.  We encourage everyone to be involved in one of the many missions at FBC whether it is at the local, state, national or international level.

If you or your group are interested in planning a mission trip/project, the following form must be completed and submitted to the Missions Team, Erv Yoder, Chair (624-8103
).  Click here to access the form.  After a mission trip is completed, a Post-Project Report form must be completed. 

Missions Leadership Contacts:
Erv Yoder – Missions Director  624-8103

Sam Newman – Missions Staff Liaison  623-4028, ext. 203

Disaster Relief Information
Contact:  Keith Stinson (358-7757)
Local Projects
Team Leaders:
Angie Elkins, 623-2763
Emily's Home
Empty Bowls
Gilmin Ministries
God's Outreach Food Bank
Habitat for Humanity
Hands of Faith
Health Now
Home Meals Delivery
Kentucky River Foothills
Pregnancy Help Center
Single Mom's Oil Change
St. Andrews Retirement Community
State Projects
Team Leader: Sandi McDowell
North American Projects  
Team Leaders:  
Brandy Britton, 983-8022
Sandi McDowell, 582-5438

North American Mission Board:
International Projects
Team Leader:  Sandi McDowell, 582-5438
International Mission Board:

Women's Mission Groups
Women's Missionary Union:

While each group ministers to a different group of women, the
primary focus for all of our groups is to learn and pray about missions,
pray for missions, give to missions, to be on mission for God and
support the work of the church and its' associations.
Please contact the facilitator of any group you may want to attend. Covid-19 Restrictions have limited some of these meetings.
Jane Russell Boyd Women on Mission  (No cost)
Facilitators: Martha Birdwhistlell (502-598-9246
Location:  Various homes, future meetings
Dates: First Monday of each month
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Robin Pinkston Women on Mission  (No cost)
This group is designed for younger women to focus on missions
in our community and around the world.  This group is
named after Robin Pinkston, who serves in Malta along
with her family.
Facilitator: Kristen Dahl (859-333-2584)
Location: Purdy's Coffee Co. 212 West Main Street 
Dates: Second Tuesday of each month
Times: 6:30 p.m.
Nadine Lovan Women on Mission  (No cost)
Facilitator: Helen Fardo (859-314-4430)
Location: Various homes
Dates: First Tuesday of each month
Times: 7:00 p.m.
Clara Matthews Women on Mission (No cost)
Facilitator: Carla Hunt (302-8728)
Location: Room 201 (Conference Room)
Dates: Second Tuesday of each month
Times: 9:30 a.m.

Reva & Jenny Women on Mission (No cost)
Facilitator: Dianna Ackerman (859-661-5101)
Location: Location Varies
Dates: Third Thursday of each month
Times: 7:00 p.m.