First Baptist Church, Richmond KY
Thursday, April 22, 2021

First Baptist History Recap
2011: In the Spring we added approximately 225 parking spaces to our property. On August 14, we kicked off multiple Sunday School hours and shifted our 8:00 a.m. service to 9:30 a.m. This greatly increased our Sunday School space.
2005: On May 23 a new mission statement, vision statement, and core values adopted.
2004: The new church at 425 Eastern ByPass dedicated on June 6.
1997: Bill Fort called as the 27th pastor of First Baptist Church.
1993: First Baptist voted to purchase property located between the Bypass and Magnolia.
1990: White Hall Baptist Church established as a mission of First Baptist.
1985: The first TV broadcast takes place on August 18.
1971: Major renovation of the sanctuary completed in June and a time capsule set in place.
1965: A major education annex was dedicated.
1943: Linden Street Baptist Church & Rosedale Baptist Church were established as missions of First Baptist.
1941: Broadway Baptist Church established as a mission of First Baptist.
1939: Because of the Depression several members purchased insurance policies in order to keep the banks from foreclosing the church loan.
1924: The third sanctuary dedicated on May 11, at a cost of $84,000.
1921: Graded Sunday School begins with leadership of L. P. Evans who led the SS for 25 years.
1915: Calvary Baptist Church was established as a mission of First Baptist.
1908: The name of the church was officially changed to First Baptist Church.
1903: Funeral services for General Cassius Marcellus Clay were held at First Baptist Church.
1897: The Woman’s Missionary Society organized to support the mission efforts of the church.
1886: Property at the back of the church sold for $1,000 to the Episcopal Church (site of the Richmond Area Arts Council).
1882: The Missionary Baptist Church and the Regular Baptist Church builds new facility jointly owned by the two groups at Main and Lancaster.
1874: The U.S. Government paid the church $350 for damages done to it during the Civil War.
1867: The Missionary Baptist Church of Richmond organized drawing its members from the existing congregation and county congregations.
1862: During the Battle of Richmond the Federal Army took possession of the church and turned it into a hospital. The pews and pulpit thrown out into the yard and the army occupied the building for 6 months.
1830: The first church was a one-story wooden structure. It was regularly used until May 1840 when 19 members adopted articles of faith and rules of discipline.
1828: Property at the corner of Main and Lancaster was deeded to the church on May 15, as a gift from General Green Clay.