First Baptist Church, Richmond KY
Thursday, April 22, 2021
Senior Staff
Dr. Travis Farris
Senior Pastor 
859-623-4028 ext. 210
  Steve Coleman
Minister to Youth & Families
Sam Newman
Minister of Education/Discipleship
859-623-4028 ext. 203

Tim Wilson
Minister of Music
859-623-4028 ext. 217 
Curtis H. Warf, Pastor Emeritus
Program Staff
Rachel Cobb, Director of
Preschool & Children's Ministries
859-623-4028 ext. 212
DeLee Collier
Learning Center Director
Hector Munoz
Technical Director

Rudy W. Montalvo
Interim Director of Hispanic Ministries
859-623-4028 ext. 205
Doug Lunsford
Finance Mgr.
859-623-4028 ext. 207
  Roy Madden, Director of
Administrative Services
859-623-4028 ext. 202
Jennifer Whitt
Wes Golightly

Dave Mauck
Facilities Mgr.
859-623-4028 ext. 216 

Bill Wright
Director of Senior Adults
859-623-4028 ext. 210
George Smith
Technology & Communications Mgr.
859-623-4028 ext. 208
Support Staff
   Administrative Staff:     
  Debbie Kelley
Ministries Assistant 
859-623-4028 ext. 200

Chae Hudnall, 
Education Assistant
859-623-4028 ext. 213

Janis Marr
Youth Assistant 
859-623-4028 ext. 201
Vacant Position
Worship Ministry Assistant
Zac Salyer
College/Discipleship Ministry Intern

  Mike Roach, Wedding Sound &
Lighting Tech & 
Part-Time Custodian
   Facility Team:  
   859-623-4028 ext. 223
  Eddie Alexander

  Johnny Arnold 

  Charles Lyons
Lead Custodian 

Gerry Newman