First Baptist Church, Richmond KY
Thursday, April 22, 2021

Welcome to…E-Giving

Participants in E-Giving Please note that FBC - Richmond has changed E-Giving providers from NCS Services to Subsplash. Beginning 01/01/2021 all E-Giving transactions will process through Subplash. You will need to setup your account the first time you sign-in. You will have 2 options to sign-in either using a Facebook account or Email address we recommend using an email address. Follow the prompts to setup your bank information, this is a secure site, during the setup subsplash will ask to verify your account. They do this by making 2 small deposit into your account (usually within 1 day). Once the deposits hit your account log back into E-Giving and enter the 2 deposit amounts and you will then be verified. The new Subsplash platform will give us more user friendly options as we introduce our new website and mobile app.
"God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give with."  (

Giving cheerfully and sacrificially of our finances is part of our worship.  A believer labors not to accrue personal wealth or possessions, but to steward God's resources well and model Jesus to our brothers, sisters and community.

E-Giving allows our church family or guest to give their tithes or offerings on-line from their checking or savings accounts.   Brief instructions are below. Click on the button above to get started!
   Click Here for Step by Step Instructions to Setup New E-Giving Account
E-Giving provides significant capability to manage your tithes and offerings.  Questions? Contact our Finance Mgr. at or 623-4028, ext. 207.